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Tidalforce M750-X electric bike

Image of Tidalforce M750-X electric bike

$2,500.00 - On Sale

If you want the fastest electric bike made, this is it. The M-750X is powered by a 1,000 watt electric motor and NiMh batteries, there is nothing else like it. The feeling of speeding along at 30 mph on the M-750X is unmatched by any other electric vehicle.

This bike is made for the trail, and serious outdoor adventures. Made to carry 350 lbs., you can load this bike up with all your backpacking gear, a kayak, or enough food to have a picnic with your dozen closest friends. The aluminum monocoque frame, suspension fork and Shimano 21 speed drive train mark this as a serious mountain bike. The frame folds with Montague's simple hinge pin design for easy transport of the bike to a trailhead or on an airplane.

All the controls are mounted on the handlebar dash panel which has indicators for battery life and regenerative braking, a keyed ignition and a turbo switch which lets you regulate the maximum output of the motor. The M750-X will run without assistance for 15 miles per charge, and the range can be extended to 30 miles by pedaling along with the motor. It weighs 68 pounds fully loaded and can be charged in about 4 hours, with the included smart charger.

The M750-X is end all, be all, do all of electric bikes. Nothing can stop it. If you simply need the best, this is the bike to buy.

this bike was use by me ,also the battery is NEW with no miles too .


  • m750X - 100% in stock